What The Hell...?

You know those moments in your life where you always have things moving left and right back and fourth? Then you stop for a moment and realize you've moved WAY more than you thought you did? 

At this moment I got a new computer so that I can edit photos a lot more smoothly and I ordered new business cards so I can go out and ask people if I can take their photos. I'm starting to edit more rather than just worry about color and I'm also looking at using the program Blender. 

I had this strange feeling while I was at work yesterday. I realized that of all the people that are living in this world... I will only meet a handful of people that I will really "know." That sunken feeling kicked in as my shift started and that's all I thought about throughout it. It doesn't help the music I listen to is getting really crazy about time.

I never realized how important it is to listen to music until you get passed it. Hear me out. Highschool. When you're there you sometimes stick to certain bands and music styles that fit what you're feeling in that moment. When you move from there and things change you again move from different music too. I listening to System of a Down yesterday at work and I had a feeling of nostalgia. So many memories and thought and ways of thinking. 

There's this song that I listen to almost everyday now that always keeps me from wasting time in the long run. You can listen to it by clicking here and listening to "Foolish". That last line. You have a certain amount of time in life. There is no more than that. 

Keep moving. There's nothing worse than regret in the time you used "wrong" or didn't use at all.

I know I won’t Hear
Feel, Experience, and Live
Anything but mine
— Frankie Ivan Flores