My Birthday...

Today is my birthday. I am a now 23 years old. Today I want to share with you a video that makes me happy. The sound. The connection. The feeling of it all. It is nice.

Yesterday (March 13, 2017), I spent it walking from a beach to another "beach". The water was low and I was able to walk through. It was empty. No one was there apart from me. Constant walking. Rocks hurt my feet. The place was foggy. It felt... surreal to be in that kind of place. Just walking through. Hearing the waves hit the rocks and the look of it being in some weird time. It didn't feel like day. It didn't feel like night. It felt like another time.

I made it all the way. I experienced it all the way through. 

Almost like a walk to clear the thoughts.

Now I'm 23.

I am now older
It doesn’t feel different
But it passes by
— Frankie Ivan Flores