An Interesting Moment...

Today I went to the mall and saw my old co-workers. I went to just find something that I might enjoy because I feel like I don't grab things to just have. After not getting anything I went to the spot I use to eat at and I saw a woman. I gave her my card and told her I would like to photograph her someday. She looked cool. She said thanks and took the card. 

I paid for my food and sat down and her boyfriend came by and she probably told him. What I'm assuming happened was that the guy told her to leave the card. I only know about the card being left because it was right next to where the napkins and and condiments were at. 

I leave the card there not really caring about it and a person walks by and grabs some napkins and I THINK took the card. Maybe.

I was happy. Sorta. Maybe the card dropped on the floor while she was moving things around and she didn't really take it. Maybe she did take it. Who knows.

I just thought that it was an interesting moment.


I enjoy eating
Pizza was the choice today
I wonder who took
— Frankie Ivan Flores