Walking Home...

I have been walking home the past two days after i get out of work. It's cold and the wind blows and the sun just about comes up in time to send warmth though the sky. It feels so nice. It's timed perfectly because I am walking up a hill and when I reach the top of the hill I get hit by the sun coming over the horizon and passing through the mountains in the distance.

I haven't been enjoying the sun as much as I should be able to but things are fixing up like me finally getting my Amazon Card. Woo!

I am told I need to get a car. People drivers are weird. I wonder if in my life time there will be nothing but driverless cars going around. And how much would it cost to have one or if it would be the new public transportation. Imagine? Hmm...


Time time time time time
I do not want it to pass
Oh there it goes now
— Frankie