Writing Songs...

I am amazed and horrified of the amount of courage it takes to do anything artistic. I do photography and sometimes videos and when I release it to the world I feel scared because of how people will react to it. 

I try to write songs but I never am able to get it to work. It doesn't flow or it doesn't make sense. I do not know if it is because I am writing for myself or I am trying to connect with others. I always love listening to music because I can connect with the music. I guess because the way that everything goes together makes it work. The instruments, the feel, the flow of the sound. It all works. The words add the little bit needed to make it all grand. 

Someday I'll write a song and put it on here. I am not sure though. I cannot put words over instruments. It doesn't work in my head.



First you find a note
Then you find a place to sing
Then let go of fear
— Frankie