Taking A Spot...

I walked around a while ago talking to people. They're all in different parts of their life. They're all there at the beach trying to find some peace or moment of calm before entering back into their world.

I walked around and I listened to them and I noticed they're going to keep going. They're not going to be in the same situation... Hopefully. 

I don't know.

I just wanted to say that.


At This Moment

The moon is bright. The sky is turning a light blue. It's a cool breeze that lightly hits me as I walk. I'm listening to music. The moon has a halo surrounding it. It just looks really good. 

Sitting Waiting...

I sit here near my job waiting for the time to start. I am listening to Sigur Ros "All Right".  

I sat on a bench and I looked down. A heart.



I mess up a lot.  

"You are still next to me, alright." 

The Only Moment We Had...

To all those I met while walking around. I talked with you and I captured you. An intimate action in my eyes. Some of you told me things about your life that I wouldn't imagine. 

I think of you. I wonder where you are in your life now. Some of you were in a tough spot while others were riding a rainbow of happiness.  

You all allowed me into your life for just a moment.  

Thank you... 


What The Hell...?

You know those moments in your life where you always have things moving left and right back and fourth? Then you stop for a moment and realize you've moved WAY more than you thought you did? 

At this moment I got a new computer so that I can edit photos a lot more smoothly and I ordered new business cards so I can go out and ask people if I can take their photos. I'm starting to edit more rather than just worry about color and I'm also looking at using the program Blender. 

I had this strange feeling while I was at work yesterday. I realized that of all the people that are living in this world... I will only meet a handful of people that I will really "know." That sunken feeling kicked in as my shift started and that's all I thought about throughout it. It doesn't help the music I listen to is getting really crazy about time.

I never realized how important it is to listen to music until you get passed it. Hear me out. Highschool. When you're there you sometimes stick to certain bands and music styles that fit what you're feeling in that moment. When you move from there and things change you again move from different music too. I listening to System of a Down yesterday at work and I had a feeling of nostalgia. So many memories and thought and ways of thinking. 

There's this song that I listen to almost everyday now that always keeps me from wasting time in the long run. You can listen to it by clicking here and listening to "Foolish". That last line. You have a certain amount of time in life. There is no more than that. 

Keep moving. There's nothing worse than regret in the time you used "wrong" or didn't use at all.

I know I won’t Hear
Feel, Experience, and Live
Anything but mine
— Frankie Ivan Flores

My Birthday...

Today is my birthday. I am a now 23 years old. Today I want to share with you a video that makes me happy. The sound. The connection. The feeling of it all. It is nice.

Yesterday (March 13, 2017), I spent it walking from a beach to another "beach". The water was low and I was able to walk through. It was empty. No one was there apart from me. Constant walking. Rocks hurt my feet. The place was foggy. It felt... surreal to be in that kind of place. Just walking through. Hearing the waves hit the rocks and the look of it being in some weird time. It didn't feel like day. It didn't feel like night. It felt like another time.

I made it all the way. I experienced it all the way through. 

Almost like a walk to clear the thoughts.

Now I'm 23.

I am now older
It doesn’t feel different
But it passes by
— Frankie Ivan Flores

An Interesting Moment...

Today I went to the mall and saw my old co-workers. I went to just find something that I might enjoy because I feel like I don't grab things to just have. After not getting anything I went to the spot I use to eat at and I saw a woman. I gave her my card and told her I would like to photograph her someday. She looked cool. She said thanks and took the card. 

I paid for my food and sat down and her boyfriend came by and she probably told him. What I'm assuming happened was that the guy told her to leave the card. I only know about the card being left because it was right next to where the napkins and and condiments were at. 

I leave the card there not really caring about it and a person walks by and grabs some napkins and I THINK took the card. Maybe.

I was happy. Sorta. Maybe the card dropped on the floor while she was moving things around and she didn't really take it. Maybe she did take it. Who knows.

I just thought that it was an interesting moment.


I enjoy eating
Pizza was the choice today
I wonder who took
— Frankie Ivan Flores

You Know That Feeling...

That feeling that you get where everything just seems like it will fall into place with little effort. I know that feeling. 

I can feel it right now.

Kinda hungry though...

Nah. I'm just hungry... Hahaha.


I sit in the dark
There is no food to enjoy
I want a burger
— Frankie Ivan Flores

Ten Days...

I am going to be staying away from as much social media as I can for the next week. I want to see if I could just go without it anymore. I'll be reading short stories online. Is that considered social media? I hope not. 


I'll see how that goes.

I ordered a new phone too. I hope it comes out well. New service too. A new phone number too.


One two three four one
Two three four one two three four
Count with me and sing
— Frankie

(That's new...)

Messing Up...

Yesterday was a good day for me. I went to go see Arrival with my family yesterday. I had already seen it but I just wanted them to experience it. The second time you watch it hits you even harder. It does for me. I'm an emotional person when it comes to watching movies. The emotions come out of me. I'll have my own place where I watch my movies in my home someday. Headphones and a chair that vibrates with the audio. Just to immerse myself into the world that I see on the screen...

The song that was played in the movie is called "On The Nature Of Daylight" by Max Richter. The first time I watched the movie I remember hearing it but I did not remember from where. When I was looking it up today I learned it's from another movie that I had seen years ago called "Disconnect". 

That movie crushed me so much. The song is beautiful and has me thinking about everything that has happened in my life and everything that is happening and the scary thought of what will happen in my life. It all just keeps going.

If I knew what would be happening in my life would I keep going? I do not know. Maybe I would fight the things that make me fear or maybe I would accept them and continue on knowing that there is always a balance at the end of it all. 

There is an ending to my story. 

I don't know when it'll come.

I don't want to think about it.

Not my time to end.

I will keep moving
I will create a story
We are all rain drops
— Frankie

Knowing Too Much...

I always wondered what it would be like if you knew what people were thinking about or their past in their eyes. An example would be that if someone experienced something bad and I knew about it without them telling me about it. How invasive it would be but also how interesting it would be. All the flaws and the accomplishments that they have had. Their intimate moments they've had alone or with friends that they probably don't talk to anymore. 

I want to get to know people right away with first learning who they really are right away instead of me learning about it later on. That's why I think I am very open when I meet new people. Sometimes it makes them feel uncomfortable. Too much information. I guess. 

Do you like Mudkip
I use to like Mudkip too
What a simple time
— Frankie

First Day...

I am exhausted. 

A good day... but exhausted. 


I am tired now
I want to just go to sleep
I want comfy yes
— Frankie

Where Did I Go...

I been busy with work and thinking about the end of the year. Time flies. I got a new camera coming in the mail today or tomorrow and I will be posting up images on here to make things more interesting. I might get a car so I can drive around and not be stuck to having to take the bus any longer. I will miss the bus though...

What have you been up to? I am also thinking of getting rid of my Facebook account and just sticking to this website. It's less cluttered and more calm. Constantly being shown a lot of other people's lives is not a good way to go about life.


How long do I have
I want to catch them all here
Save them on the page
— Frankie


Right now I am listening to music on Google Music and the song that popped up is "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon. Man... it has been a while since I've heard this song. You remember when you are a teenager and you listen to your music on the radio and then after a while you find your own music that you enjoy and that's what you listen to for a long time. Every now and then only to go back to the radio and find those songs that you listened to during your weird time in school.

I feel nostalgic...


I feel like singing
But I do not remember
What the lyrics are
— Frankie

Studying Other Things...

So I am thinking I need to spend most of my time learning something new. A new language or a new language like coding. I hear that a lot of jobs will soon be taken away because of automation and that is a scary thing to think about. We need money for everyone! Imagine if we actually do run out of jobs? Scary...

Learning something new will make me just do things. That would be fun to do. Just learning how to make something simple with code and see where that takes me. Someday I'll make an A.I.? 


I like to make this
The very weird things like this
How about this man
— Frankie

Playing Videogames...

So I started to play videogames again. I've been playing Fallout New Vegas on PC and I am having a lot of fun. You ever do that? Just play a game you have not played in a long time and realize you missed out on A LOT of content that you could have gone through?

So I started to play and I added some cheats to make it more fun to play. The world is so huge and the amount of things that I've been doing is quite weird...

Something cheap can give me hours and hours of fun. I someday want to make a game like that.


Do not go there now
There are things to kill you there
Oh great, you are dead
— Frankie

Walking Home...

I have been walking home the past two days after i get out of work. It's cold and the wind blows and the sun just about comes up in time to send warmth though the sky. It feels so nice. It's timed perfectly because I am walking up a hill and when I reach the top of the hill I get hit by the sun coming over the horizon and passing through the mountains in the distance.

I haven't been enjoying the sun as much as I should be able to but things are fixing up like me finally getting my Amazon Card. Woo!

I am told I need to get a car. People drivers are weird. I wonder if in my life time there will be nothing but driverless cars going around. And how much would it cost to have one or if it would be the new public transportation. Imagine? Hmm...


Time time time time time
I do not want it to pass
Oh there it goes now
— Frankie

I Missed A Day...

Yesterday I forgot to add something here. Oops... 

It has been getting really cold here where I live. I bet you know where I live. Stalker.

As I was walking back home from work today I felt cold but warm at the same time because I saw the cold sky turn warm as soon as the sun came up. It feels really awesome. Seeing the light pass the horizon and the buildings around being touched by the warm light.

The moon looks as bright as ever. I love it. My little moments through my work "day".


It is dark and cold
The wind is too strong right now
But the moon is right
— Frankie

Writing Songs...

I am amazed and horrified of the amount of courage it takes to do anything artistic. I do photography and sometimes videos and when I release it to the world I feel scared because of how people will react to it. 

I try to write songs but I never am able to get it to work. It doesn't flow or it doesn't make sense. I do not know if it is because I am writing for myself or I am trying to connect with others. I always love listening to music because I can connect with the music. I guess because the way that everything goes together makes it work. The instruments, the feel, the flow of the sound. It all works. The words add the little bit needed to make it all grand. 

Someday I'll write a song and put it on here. I am not sure though. I cannot put words over instruments. It doesn't work in my head.



First you find a note
Then you find a place to sing
Then let go of fear
— Frankie

I Am Sick...

I started to get sick the last day of the work week so the last two days for me were just me being sick. It sucks. I spent most of my day and "day" sleeping trying to get rid of it. It wasn't something big but it was an annoyance.

Being sick makes you really appreciate when you aren't sick. Being able to do little things like going outside or even eating without fear of it coming back up. 

I am getting better. I have work soon...


I am annoyed now
I keep coughing and coughing
I want a burger
— Frankie